7 Grandfather Teachings

Bravery/Courage – Aakwa’ode’ewin
Bravery/Courage is represented by the bear.  The mother bear has the courage and strength to face her fears and challenges while protecting her young.  The bear also shows us how to live a balanced life with rest, survival and play. To face life with courage is to know bravery. Find your inner strength to face the difficulties of life and the courage to be yourself.  Defend what you believe in and what is right for your community, family, and self.  Make positive choices and have conviction in your decisions.  Face your fears to allow yourself to live your life.
Awaken the warrior within by facing adversaries with integrity. We see these traits embodied in mother bears, who guide and protect their young with strength and a playful heart. Remember, you can’t take care of others without taking time for yourself first. Conquer fears so you can help those you love. Don’t forget the power of play and humor.