Waubun High School has many course offerings for students. From basic skills to advanced courses, we strive to offer a diverse set of classes.

  • AP Courses in Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Environmental Science, and Biology

  • College in the High School Courses in Composition and Language, Intro to Literature, and World Literature

  • PLTW Courses in Intro to Engineering & Design, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering & Architecture, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing

  • Online College in the High School Courses (Course offerings may vary)

  • Ojibwe Language

  • Ramp Up to Readiness

  • Electives in Art, Music, Science, Business, Auto Tech, Woodworking, FACS and more!

Waubun High School requires 28 credits for graduation. Waubun High School is a semester-based credit system with each semester credit assigned a value of 0.5.Credit Requirements

Students must earn credits in the following areas:

Math 4 credits (Must include Geometry and Algebra II)

English/Language Arts 4 credits

Social Studies 3.5 credits (Civics or Geography, US History, World History, and Economics)

Science 3 credits (Must include Chemistry or Physics)

Physical Education 1.5 credits

Health 1 credit

Technology 1 credit

Fine Arts 1 credit

Senior Seminar 1 credit

Electives: 8 credits