Seven Grandfather Teachings

The Seven Grandfather Teachings- RESPECT-September

RESPECT- Chipiitenim g’wiijibimaadiziig gegwa dabasen’aake.
Place others before yourself in your life don't look down on anyone.
G’minwaadenmaag g’wiijibimaadiziig.
Respect your fellow living beings
Respect is represented by the buffalo.  The buffalo gives every part of his being to sustain the human way of living, not because he is of less value, but because he respects the balance and needs of others. To honor all creation is to have respect. Live honorably in teachings and in your actions towards all things.  Do not waste and be mindful of the balance of all living things.  Share and give away what you do not need.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Do not be hurtful to yourself or others.
We demonstrate respect by realizing the value of all people and things, and by showing courteous consideration and appreciation. We must give respect if we wish to be respected. We honor the traditional roles that we fill and the teaching we have been given. We honor our families and others, as well as ourselves. We are not to bring harm to anyone or anything. Respect is not just an action, but a heart-grown feeling.