Dear Waubun Letter Winner,


It is time to order your Letter Jacket!

As a WAUBUN HIGH SCHOOL varsity letter winner, you have earned the right to proudly wear your hard-earned letter, and take part in the letter jacket tradition! Parents, this is a special opportunity to help your student celebrate a very special milestone in their high school career.

See below for group order savings.

The group order deadline is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20!

Please watch the video below for a brief overview of the letter jacket tradition, and more information:

Waubun Letter Winner please click here to view your personalized video


Jackets start at $164.95 and additional upgrades are offered throughout the ordering process. This gives you the ability to customize your jacket to match your achievements!


The best way to get sized is to stop in the high school/activities office to try on the sizing jackets. If you are unable to visit the school, you can view our online jacket sizing guide. CLICK HERE


There are two ways to place your order:

1.   Through our group order (saves you $15), which has a deadline of Wednesday, MARCH 20!

·       Complete the online survey by clicking HERE

·       Once completed, you can either call our Jostens rep at 218-656-7523 to review and finalize your order, OR our Jostens representative will then reach out to you to review and finalize your order and assist with payment (usually within a couple of business days).

·       DO NOT WAIT until March 20th to do this method. To allow Jostens enough time to contact and review your order, please submit this NO LATER than March 18TH to allow them enough time to reach you.

·       Group order ships to the school - and will arrive prior to summer!

·       Orders that are not finalized by the deadline will not receive the discount, and will be changed to ship to customer home address.

  1. Online by clicking


·       If your order is time-sensitive, or you miss the group order deadline, this option is available ALL YEAR and is the fastest way to get your jacket without waiting for the group order to close. Orders ship to your home directly.

·       This option is slightly limited in customization (no bars/chevrons can be added), but a great way to order if you have a simple jacket.


At Jostens, we look forward to assisting you in the upcoming days as you design your jacket!


If you have any questions or need help placing your order, please give us a call at 218-656-7523, or email us at pickle.office@jostens.com




Your Northern MN Team,

Lucas & Kayla Pickle and Jackie DeVriendt


Jostens & Neff Representative

1836 Alfalfa Trl SW, Suite 1 | Pillager, MN 56473