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Counseling Information


The mission of the Waubun School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students through a collaborative effort between the home, school, and community.  The ultimate objective is to help prepare all students to be productive, well-rounded, informed, and responsible contributing members of society.​​

Dejah' Anderson
Student Services
Welcome to the Guidance Office. 

We're here to help!   We can help your student with course planning, testing needs such as MCA, ASVAB, or ACT, transcripts, and individual or small group sessions.  We're your source for specific information about Post-Secondary Education Opportunities or Online College in the High School offerings.

Appointments may be made by contacting the Guidance Office at (218) 473-6144.

Kari Swoboda
Licensed School Counselor