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Above & Beyond Awards


                        Kristen Zima                                    Katie  Baker

May Above & Beyound

Kristen Zima- Para –professional - Ogema

Nominator:   Shelly Benson

Kristen is always doing extra stuff with the kids.  She’s always busy making copies instead of taking a break.  She does a lot of one – on – one with students.  She helps supply kids with things they need & can’t get.  Her Kick-starters absolutely love her.  She knows many of the families personally.  She works with PTSO & does a huge amount of stuff for that.  Her kids are in sports so she ends up driving neighbor kids around.  If a child gets hurt she holds them & talks to them with great care.  She is on the PBIS team, which is trying to help with issues students are having.  Kristen is so caring, she would give anyone the “shirt off her back” if someone needed it.  She makes sure kids from her area, have a ride to & from sporting events. Kristen works with PTSO to raise money for different things.  She stays up half the night sometimes to get things done.  She is part of an exercising group that meets after school & encourages others to join in.  Kristen is a very open minded towards everyone.  She keeps busy all day. She helps when students are out of control.  She loves “her kids”, & they love her.

Katie Baker – JH English Teacher - Waubun

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

I would like to nominate Katie Baker for the Above and Beyond Award.  She has done a wonderful job with the media within our school, The “Bomber Blitz” is great!  The students do a wonderful job on this paper, and this effort is led by Katie.  She has also taken on the job of yearbook advisor, which is a BIG task.  Katie also took on being the speech team coach.  All of her participants were “rookies”, but she inspired them to continue and become better each week.  She also orchestrated a “speech night” with dinner, entertainment, and awards to make money for the speech team and show them how important they are to her.  Katie has a wonderful and comfortable way of working with her students.  I admire this young lady and feel she is a wonderful addition to our school. 

                          Kari Swoboda                                                       Wendy Kircher

April Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond April Nominations

Kari Swoboda - Counselor - Waubun

Nominator:   Dejah Anderson

Kari makes sure all students are on track to graduate or making progress as a student.  Kari helps students who are having trouble academically by setting up credit recovery, helping with scheduling and having parent meetings.  Students love Ms. Swoboda.  She is a consistent part of their lives.  She devotes all of her attention to what they need.  Especially helping seniors with college aspirations.  Kari has the best attitude of anyone I’ve ever met.  She takes care of all student’s needs, wants and problems.  Kari is great about coming up with new ideas to stress to students the importance of kindness, inclusion, understanding and love.  Kari is great at working with all entities and staff when it comes to students’ well-being and academic progress.  By showing such a positive attitude Kari inspires staff and students to achieve great things.  Kari also advises the STAR TEAM.  Kari is trying to start a Big Brother, Big Sister program at WHS.   Kari is always here, going above her job duties to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Wendy Kircher- Speech – Ogema

Nominator:   Gary Kircher

With a tremendous amount of pride, I would like to nominate Wendy Kircher for – Above and Beyond.  Where do I start?  First, Wendy is one of most unselfish, caring, giving, competent teachers I know.  She is always putting others first.  With her students, Wendy always creates a warm, exciting and nurturing learning environment; it seems like everyone wants to be in the speech.  When a student of Wendy’s graduates from speech, she makes sure it is an important celebration.  The student gets to choose what they would like for their graduation, root beer floats, cake, etc. and they are encouraged to invite several friends.  Wendy then goes out and purchases these items with her own money to ensure each graduation is a special event for that student.  One of the things I admire most about Wendy as a speech teacher is her strong belief that communicating is a basic human right; “all students have the right to have their wants and needs to be known to peers, teachers, family and to be understood in the community.  With the guidance and expertise that Wendy offers in planning for each of her student’s individual needs; she continues to make a huge impact on their academic and social lives.

                       Lonnie Docker                                                         Dan Selseth

March Above & Beyond

Lonnie Docker- Para - Waubun

Nominator:   Julie Wenschlag

It is with great pleasure to nominate Lonnie Docker for consideration for the Above & Beyond Award in recognition of his outstanding dedication and tireless efforts.  How the efforts of one person, one particular person, can truly make a difference in addressing a situation or problem in one’s life.  Lonnie has a way to relate to students that most people do not, he gives his children respect and in return, they give it back to him.  It can be quite a balancing act for most people but Lonnie has great talents in this area. It is fun watching him develop relationships with students and watching the growth of trust and endearing friendships develop.  The students are lost without him when he is gone for any reason.  He goes Above & Beyond his everyday duties and looks to help all.  Lonnie always meets everyone with a smiling face.  He demonstrates care and concern for all.

Dan Selseth – Custodian - Ogema

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

I would like to nominate Dan Selseth for the “Above and Beyond” award. Dan is one of the kindest men I have met. He treats the students with respect, yet he helps them remain in the appropriate behavior by expecting them to show their Bomber Pride when he meets them in the hallways. Dan is happy every day, demonstrating that you can live with a positive attitude if you choose.  When a staff person asks Dan for something, he is always accommodating and kind in response. He will do whatever he can to fulfill our “wishes”.  Dan makes Ogema Elementary a better place to work. Thank you, Dan, for all you do!!

                          Suzy Olson                                                                  Tyler Fode

February Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond February Nominations

Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond to ensure that WOWE students receive a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees. You can find forms at any school office or on our website or Facebook page.

Susy Olson – ECFE Teacher - Ogema

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

I would like to submit Suzy Olson for the Above and Beyond Award because of her work and dedication in getting our pre-school in Ogema. I know Suzy was a part of the grant writing, planning and running our new Ogema Kick start addition.  I can only imagine the countless hours and meetings involved in such an enormous project. I know that our little students are reaping the benefits. Suzy also does a wonderful job setting up the pre-school screening every spring.


Tyler Fode – 5th Grade Teacher - Waubun

Nominator:   Sherry Turner

Tyler Fode is a true asset to our School.  He loves teaching and it shows in everything he does.  He is always quick to help especially when I cannot figure out the 5th-grade math. :) He is very kind and patient with his students. Mr. Fode works hard at giving his students the best education possible. He strives to redirect his students and keep them on a positive path so they stay out of trouble.  Mr. Fode, we appreciate you and all you do.  Thank you for everything.

  Elianna Edwards                                                 Steve Trusty

January Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond January Nominations

Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond to ensure that WOWE students receive a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees. You can find forms at any school office or on our website or Facebook page.

Elianna Edwards – Special Education Para - Ogema

Nominator:   Robin Stalberger

Elianna is a one-on-para, however, she never thinks twice about helping all of my other students.  Not only does she help the students with their academic work, she also spends time with them during their free choice, which the kids absolutely love.  She is constantly helping, smiling, and laughing with them while she is in my classroom.  Elianna is also always willing to help me in any way that I need; she goes above and beyond her job duties on a daily basis.  Elianna works directly with one of my students.  When he is with her, he absolutely flourishes.  I can see that he enjoys his time with her and truly shines in his academics when she works with him.  Elianna helps students stay focused, motivated, and positive about their education.  She also never turns away any of my other students, even though she is not in our room to help them.  I am lucky to have such a wonderful person working with my students.  Elianna is very flexible in helping out others in our school.  She willingly adjusted her schedule to assist another special education para when needed.  Elianna always comes in with a positive attitude and is willing to help anyone and everyone.  


Steve Trusty – Custodian - Waubun

Nominator:   Anonymous

Steve frequently asks how he can help me when I’m busy on a task.  I see him putting extra time and efforts to maintain student use areas.  Steve always has time for a cheerful “hello”!  Steve addresses maintenance with students’ safety and comfort in mind.  Steve has helped me with innovative solutions to maintenance needs I’ve had.

          Joan Refshaw                                                                           Rose Lanoue                                                         Tim Spaeth                   

December Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond December Nominations

Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond to ensure that WOWE students receive a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees. You can find forms at any school office or on our website or Facebook page.


Joan Refshaw – 2nd Grade Teacher – Ogema

Rose Lanoue – Title 1 Teacher - Ogema

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

I would like to nominate Joan Refshaw & Rose Lanoue for the Above and Beyond Award because of their continued efforts in running the Ogema book fairs.  Coordinating the book fair means…finding volunteers to run the fair or running it themselves, managing the finances/funds, managing the books earned for staff, as well as setting up and taking down the fair.   Running the book fairs helps our students by putting additional reading materials into the classrooms.  The book fairs also benefit the teachers by providing additional dollars for resources.  This is a big commitment and one they does willingly.  Thanks for your hard work!


Tim Spaeth – Dean of Students – Waubun

Nominator:   Sherry Turner

I would like to nominate Tim Spaeth for the Above and Beyond Award.  Tim has one the most difficult jobs in education, the disciplinarian. He works tirelessly to help students and staff so that we all have a safe and comfortable atmosphere here at school.  He treats everyone with the utmost respect and always greets you with a smile.  Even though most kids do not want to see him, they like him and respect him.  I think most kids understand that he only wants the best for them and are always willing to help them and to listen to them. He is always there to help out with any situation and although he may not like to, he is firm and strict when he needs to be.  For the most part, I think the students see what I see, a kind caring man that will always go the extra mile to help all of us, staff and students be successful. Thanks for all you do here at Waubun Mr. Spaeth, you are a keeper.

Above & Beyond November 2016 Honorees

Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond to ensure that WOWE students receive a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees. You can find forms at any school office or on our website or Facebook page.


Dan Guenther – Facilities Manager – Waubun - Ogema

Nominator:   Julie Wenschlag

I would like to nominate Dan Guenther for the Above and Beyond Award. When Dan is at work he makes sure that everything is running in tip top shape.  He is always willing to listen to anyone who has a complaint.  He is quick to solve the problem.  He is a very smart individual, he knows something about everything when it comes to fixing things. Dan is very good with students.  He is able to relate to them and has a lot of patience with them.  He is always concerned about keeping the environment safe and clean for the students and staff. Dan treats all with respect and shows support to the staff and students and community.  He is always willing to help you and with a smile.  Dan works so hard to make everything in the school look nice so that the students, staff, and community have a building to be proud of.  He knows how this reflects on all of us.  Great Job!  Dan continues to solve problems that come up every day.  He never leaves a rock unturned.  In his heart, he knows what is right is right, so that is how he does his job.  Dan brings to the district a lot of knowledge.  He has great ideas on how to run things in and out of the school district buildings and grounds. He runs them the most efficient as possible.  Dan is in charge of several co-workers.  He is a strong leader.  He would never ask anything of them that he would not or could not do himself.  Dan is knowledgeable with computer technology and he is able to check out information online to help as a resource tool to getting parts for things and information on how to repair items.  He also is able to do comparison shopping to save the district money. He is a good listener.  Dan leaves his personal opinions at home.  He lets everyone speak their peace.  Don’t matter who you are, he listens with open ears. Dan makes everyone feel like they are part of a team.  You never feel like you are bothering him when you have a question or a problem that you need help with.  He always, says yes with a smile.


Val Syverson – Special Education – Waubun

Nominator:   Casey Berntson

I would like to Nominate Val Syverson for above and beyond in November. Val works tirelessly both with students directly and on her own doing paperwork...LOTS of paperwork. Despite this, she always has a positive attitude and often goes out of her way to do little things to make life more enjoyable for her colleagues. 

Val Syverson – Special Education – Waubun

Nominator:   Cassie Hansana

Val is an outstanding model of patience and determination for her students. She never gives up on them, no matter how many times they may give up on themselves.  Val is always compassionate, and ready to listen, in her interactions with students. She patiently listens to the concerns they have both at home and at school, without judgement. She provides a caring, supportive atmosphere for her students to learn in.  Val is always ready to try new approaches when problems arise.  Val is diligent about getting input from all teachers as she advocates for her students. Val is a “cup half-full” kind of gal. She models, and encourages, positive thinking.  Val is always ready to offer practical advice for dealing with the problems our students face. She is excellent at collaborating with other teachers, and makes sure everyone feels like they are a valuable part of a community. 

Sherry Turner
Cecilia Brininger

Above & Beyond October 2016 Honorees

Above & Beyond October/November Nominations

Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond to ensure that WOWE students receive a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees. You can find forms at any school office or on our website or Facebook page.


Sherry Turner:  BRIC Para - Waubun  

Nominator:   Dejah Anderson

Sherry is dedicated to the students she works with and the students she doesn’t.  Sherry remembers all of her students’ birthdays and makes treats for them.  She even makes something to celebrate Jeff Axton’s Birthday.  Sherry has such a lasting impact on her students that she still helps them once they graduate.  Sherry volunteers her time to set up community events like the craft fair.   She goes Above and Beyond making sure everything goes well.  She volunteers to help with PISO events.  The main thing is Sherry’s wonderful attitude and personality.  She is always quick with a smile and her laughter is contagious.  She makes each student feel special and lets them know how much she cares.


Cecilia Brininger:  Kindergarten Teacher - Ogema

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

I would like to nominate Cecilia Brininger.  She is a kind and compassionate teacher, as well as a staff leader.  She is not afraid to voice her opinion when others may be too afraid to say what we are all thinking.  She is a part of Site Team and writes and sends the notes to that committee.  She is also a part of Staff Development, which is an active committee involving a lot of time.  Cecilia was also our summer school coordinator this past summer.   She also participates in the mentor/mentee program encouraging and helping new teachers fulfill their potential.  Students in Cecilia’s room are fortunate to have her as a teacher.


Text BoxAbove & Beyond September 2016 Honorees

Above & Beyond September 2016 Honorees

Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond to ensure that WOWE students receive a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees. You can find forms at any school office or on our website or Face book page.

Dejah Anderson:  Student Services/ MARSS / Secretary  - Waubun  

Nominator:   Kari Swoboda

Dejah goes the extra mile in everything she does.  She is always willing to put in more effort then asked.  She is a superhero.  Dejah will stop what she is doing and always put students & staff needs first.  She is always positive and has a smile on her face.  She is welcoming to everyone that comes into the Guidance office.  Dejah has positive relationships with students, staff. Families& communities.  She contacts & connects with them daily.  Dejah is not just a secretary but also helps out when Heather (nurse) is gone.  She is very busy helping students every minute of the day.  She is always delightful and willing to help.  Dejah has awesome ideas and shares her ideas to the team.  She is always looking for ways to improve.  Dejah is a hard worker and always willing to work with others.  When there is a difficult time, she makes sure she listens.  Dejah is very positive and cheerful to all individuals that come to the office.  Dejah collaborates with outside resources to find scholarships / fundraising for different organizations and find resources for students and staff to get the support they need.  Dejah works well with diversity.  She is very accepting.  Dejah is a superhero to the Waubun School.  She is not just in charge of one thing but many things.  Always going above & beyond what is asked.  She has a cheerful personality that brings joy to others around her.

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

I believe Dejah deserves this award for all her work & effort that goes into our “Community Nights”, especially the “Christmas/Holiday Feast”.  She spends endless hours, decorating, advertising, organizing & collecting gifts!!  Dejah does a great job as our district MARSS reporter.  Dejah speaks kindly to all students that come into her office.  She is kind & patient with the staff!

Gary Kircher:  Interventionist - Ogema

Nominator:   Wendy Kircher

Gary applies for grants to make sure our students have warm clothes.  He shops for these items as well.  He also helps with the backpack program, & sends out Christmas gift letters.  Gary treats every child with respect and kindness.  He teaches them about respecting their mothers and grandmothers.  He teaches them about living with hope and a positive attitude.  There are many students in the H.S. that had Gary working with them in Ogema & the bond is still strong.  One student that moved to D.L. and came back years later, told me “Say Hi to Mr. Kircher & tell him I remember everything he taught me.”  Gary is my rock and someone who understands children, what they need and how to bring out the best in them.  Gary is a leader & involved in PBIS, SST, Problem Solving team, & together to develop ideas to deal with children with great needs and to help parents understand the school‘s role in their child’s school life.  Gary has worked side by side with all administration bringing with him ideas that have worked for his 30 plus years of experience.  Gary teaches kids for the time they start Kick-Start to say everyday “I’m going to have a great day and it’s wonderful to be alive”.  He’s had kids outside of school come up to him & tell him this!   Gary talks with Social Workers, outside mental health workers, & ICW on a regular basis to enable to the best care for our students.  Gary teaches our students to love & accept all people for their differences through his example & through “Second Step”.  Gary is humble & self-less.  It is never about him.   He works here because he cares for our students & no other reason, (other than driving to work with me).  A person can have many great aspirations…a doctorate, large bank account, fame. Etc., but in this job the greatest asset you can have is the ability to develop relationships filled with respect & compassion.  This is what Gary Does every day!


Recognizing the Best!

Many Waubun-Ogema-White Earth staff members go Above & Beyond normal job expectations to ensure that WOWE students receive a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Above & Beyond Awards involve students, staff, parents and community members in recognizing and rewarding WOWE employees- teachers, secretaries, cooks, paraprofessionals, custodians, bus drivers, coaches and others- who consistently go that extra mile so students can be successful. 

How to Nominate
A student, parent, staff or community member can nominate any WOWE employee or group of employees.
Click on the links below for the nomination form or pick up an application at your school office.

For more information and guidelines for the nomination process click on the brochure located below. 

Each winner will receive a special token of appreciation from the District and receive their award during a Bomber event. Winners will also be recognized in the school newsletter, local papers and local radio stations.

Questions or if you would like to be on the Above & Beyond selection committee Contact the District office at 473-6171

May Above & Beyond Nominee

Shirley Kjolberg:  Waubun Head Cook

Nominator:   Kelly Kent

Shirley’s kitchen is a fun inviting place.  It’s always decorated to celebrate the season and she does a bulletin board on nutrition outside the kitchen.  Shirley enjoys doing extra things to support the students for example making football jersey cookies for the football team to cheer them on during playoffs with their name and # on them.  Shirley has volunteered her time, and talents to help students with fund raisers and has cooked for the community feast.  Shirley loves interacting with the students and has invited them into the kitchen to learn how food service works from planning a menu to doing the dishes.  Shirley has worked very hard to meet the new federal nutritional guidelines.  Even though it’s been challenging she takes pride in providing a nutritious meal to students and staff.  Even with lots of food service substitutes needed in the kitchen this year she has worked well with them all.  She does a great job at helping and training other staff.  Shirley is a wonderful example of great employee and co-worker.  She is dependable, friendly and hard working.  Shirley works hard to make sure federal & state guidelines are met.  She is committed to our school; students, staff and families. She’s even dressed up as the Easter bunny for the student’s.  She is a hard worker who is always willing to do what needs to be done.  I always know I can depend on her to do her job and do it well.

Nominator: student-Lizy Reich

Shirley bakes brownies, cookies & sweets when in a festive time.  She gave us extra brownies!  Shirley baked brownies for the football players on the day before the big game.  When Shirley tries something new, she goes and askes us if we liked it to see if she should make it again.  Again she tries new foods to see if we like it.  Shirley gives us encouraging words on game days.  She is a great role model.  Shirley makes multi-race foods.  Shirley always has a smile on her face and woks hard to prepare lunch.

Sharilyn Qual:  Ogema EBD Teacher

Nominator:   Maddison Qual

There has been many nights that my mother does not leave until late.  She comes home tired but goes to work knowing today is a new day.  My mom has gone and stayed late with students and she cares to be close with their parents.  She used to even buy items for her students when we lived in Alaska so they could take things like clothing home and she still does this.  My mom’s number one goal is to know when her students come to Waubun they will be able to be on their own in class rooms and to do this she is very close with her students and their family.  She loves her kids.  My mom loves to know her kids appreciate her.  She has had many times to where we have gone to Detroit Lakes and bought toys, puzzles, mints, all things that help her students learn and treat them for when they’ve done good jobs.  My mom uses common toys and puzzles to help teach her students.  She likes one on one time with her students to learn the way each one works so she can find new ways to teach them the way they’ll comprehend.  I know that Mrs. Qual has come to Waubun High and helped her fellow EBD teachers.  She has helped the elementary teachers with different ways of handling are EBD child in their room.  My mom alone inspires me to be my best, my brothers & sister.  Her students and fellow faculty member.  She has inspired students who are not in her class room that are my friends to be the best they can be and to not take no as a final answer.  She speaks with Social Services, Policemen, and Suicide hotline in order to keep her students sage and knowing she will always be there.  She has been a foster parent in the past for one of her students and her little sister so she is willing to give her students a bed and food.  My mom grew up on the reservation, she is Native American and so many other races.  She doesn’t believe in bringing others down because of they are different than her.  She always tells me that EBD children are just normal children with a little extra heart and soul.  My mom doesn’t believe in missing work, she doesn’t believe in getting behind, and she doesn’t believe in leaving one man/women to do a team’s job. She is a warm loving women, who tells you how it is to help you continue succeeding.




                                              Josh Kemper                                                                  Stacy Klemetson

April Above & Beyond


Stacy Kelmetson:  Waubun 6th Grade Teacher

Nominator:   Kelley Lerud

I would like to nominate Stacy Kelmentson for the Above and Beyond award.  Stacy is the type of teacher who gives her all to her students each and every one to do their best.  She cares deeply for her students and invest in their lives in many ways.  However, the reason I am nominating her is for what she does outside of the classroom.  Stacy is the type of teacher who has ALWAYS supported our students and student athletes at their games whenever she can.  You will see her at many sporting events throughout the year, both home and away.  Now she has been working tirelessly with the junior class to launch a Post Prom event for the students in our district so that they have a safe option for prom night.  I also know that in the past, she has volunteered to help with elementary basketball program as well.  Again, she is the type of teacher who gives of herself each and every day in the classroom, but also many evening are dedicated to the students of our district.


Josh Kemper:  Ogema Phyical Education Teacher

Nominator:   Angie Lehrke & Kristi Bellefeuille

Mr. Kemper is a great PE teacher, the kids love and respect him.  He is always joining in with the kids, even during lunch you will see him eating lunch with the students.  It is fun listening to him interacting with the students during the day in gym class.  He is not only a teacher, he is a good role model as well.  Students, parents, community members all have positive things to say about Mr. Kemper.  He will come and check on student in the Health office if they were hurt or needing icepack after gym.  We did not have SPED driver the other day for one of our routes and he offered to drive them home, he took four of our students’ home.  Josh always is inspiring students to do their best.  He is always filling within we need a sub for the day.



March Above & Beyond Award Winners

Above & Beyond April Honorees

March Recipients,

Nick Lenzen:  Waubun 6th Grade Teacher

Nominator:   Nindonnis Englund

Mr. Lenzen makes sure everyone is getting to their goal.  He is always helping students.  If there is a problem he will make sure it gets solved.  If kids would like they can find time of the day to do work they haven’t done.  He lets us go to the gym so we can focus more.  Yes, he has bonds with many children.  He know how to get them back on task.  When one of our students get hurt he makes sure that every child not only in his class but other classes our safer, non-injured.  When we learn something new he turns into a fun game of some sorts.  He will make small groups if needed for math for kids who need help.  Also if a person doesn’t complete their work he will make sure that it gets done by helping them with it.  Every day at the end of the day we have to name one positive thing we did that day.   If we are loud in the hallways he makes us go back so other classes don’t get disrupted.  If it’s nice out we get to go outside and read or write.  We also get to have free time if we are good.  He makes sure that if a person has a not so great an attitude It’ll be taken care of.  If we do something we do it together.  He makes sure the room is clean so it is easier on the janitors.

Anne Ballard:  Ogema Music Teacher

Nominator:   WOWE PBO

She plans music programs-veterans, Christmas, 4th grade farewell.  She plans field trips to the orchestra.  She teaches them not only about notes & songs, but about the history of music such as composers.  She provides families who are interested, piano lessons.  She invites all the community to programs.  She created a song & dance video to pump the kids up for the MCA tests & gets lots of the school district involved.  She provide an opportunity for talent day & gives them the chance to try a different instrument.  We worked with Anne & the music booster program to raise funds for her new piano.  She always has a great attitude, always happy & has a smile on her face.  She’s always coming up with new ideas for students.

Nominator:   Tia Bevins - Ogema student

She plans programs for our school.  She helps out the kids & tries to make people kinder.  She gives them a boost of courage.  She does Piano lessons for kids.  She lets us play & try lots of instruments.  She’s planning to take us to the orchestra.   She teaches us the music notes.  She plans music programs for our families & tries to make everyone a friend.  She helps the kids learn to cooperate & make them feel wanted.  She give us all an equal opportunity to do anything.  She accepts everyone for who they are.  She took us caroling to make other people happier.  Some of the people in the nursing home even cried because of our singing.  She started kindness critters at our school too.  She lets other kids show their talents off & encourages them even if they weren’t the best.  She makes us feel good about ourselves.  She plans programs for everyone to come. Example-The Christmas program & Veterans program.  She helps support everyone in the community.  She helps in the community & makes them feel welcome & she’s a good role model.       

*February Honorees*


Above & Beyond February Honorees

February Recipients,

Kathy Lhotka:  Waubun ~ Custodian

Nominator:  Dejah Anderson

Kathy is always willing to help in any way she can to make things run smoothly.  She does such a good job making sure our school shines.  Kathy says we need to always have this place clean because it’s like having company over when we have the public use the building.

Kathy has a great relationship with our students.  She always has such a positive attitude. 

Kathy inspires others to do their best and to take pride in everything we do.  Her job as a custodian is very difficult and sometimes is taken for granted because it is always done so well.  Kathy is a great member of our team.


Angie Lehrke:  Ogema ~ Student Services

Nominator:   Valerie Yost

Angie is a very kind caring person who services not only the students, but staff and parents also.  She is very respectful to all who walk in the office.  Angie goes out of her way to help all those in need.  Angie always shows kindness to all students and wants what’s best for them.  I think Angie is an Awesome!! person to have working here with us at Waubun Public School.

January Honorees

Courtney Weston- Waubun Math Teacher
Nominated by: Sarah, Brittany & Ethan Lebreve

Courtney always keeps the communication open on how my children are doing, many teachers do not. Courtney offered tutoring before school because my child was in a sport, (7:00 am).  She still tutors my children on a schedule so they keep up with the skills they need to succeed.  She makes class fun. “I enjoy being in her class.” Said Brittany & Ethan.  Courtney’s willingness is to make sure my children succeed. 

Annie Baker:  PTSO President ~ Ogema

Nominator:   Michelle Benson

Annie Baker is such a positive role model for our community.  She is president of the PTSO, which is always doing good things for our staff and students.  She is always the first to be there & last to leave when PTSO is in charge of an event.  She gets things organized & people together to make the events the best they can be.  Just one example of this is the Halloween dance for the kids & parents other community members.  She goes above & beyond to make employees at the school feel appreciated.  Many, times she spends her own money to make events more special.  She also makes many other donations to community events.  She deserves to be rewarded.


December Recipients

Melanie Vickmark: Waubun General Education Math Teacher
Nominated by: Val Syverson

“Mrs. Vickmark spends countless hours creating and revamping her lessons to provide the greatest understanding, relevance and enjoyment possible to her students.  For instance, students have created their own board games, painted pictures (then used them for their final project) and learned the art of portfolios.  Mrs. Vickmark is available to students before and after school and during her preps and lunch hours.  There are easily 5-6 students in her room each day throughout these times.  Her room is warm and inviting yet optimizes her space for learning.  Mrs. Vickmark is readily available to staff and family for questions, concerns or support.  Mrs. Vickmark analyzes student needs and then works with staff and administration to determine effective ways to meet those needs, often taking on the responsibility of providing to course and creating the curriculum needed.  Mrs. Vickmark was instrumental in getting Marth 180, Math Skills, Applied Math and Consumer Math courses started for those students that have non-conventional math needs.  Mrs. Vickmark is always willing to lend a helping hand to students and myself when a problem arises.  Students often refer to her as “hard,” which translates to me as raising the expectations.  Mrs. Vickmark is always looking through the web for interesting and thought provoking ways to present material.  I know of one instance where she used a web site to use math to determine the facts from a car accident.  Mrs.  Vickmark is a caring, open-minded, accepting person of the highest caliber character.  Mrs. Vickmark IS “One Team, One Goal” personified.”

Kristi Bellefeuille: Ogema Administrative Assistant

Nominated by: Sarah Allen

“Kristi exhibits on a daily basis many of the criteria necessary for qualification of the award, Kristi knows well and interacts positively with the students and families in our community. Kristi work effectively with our diverse student population, the families of our students, and the multiple agencies that interact and works with our students on a daily basis.  Kristi, by nature of her calm, easy-going, and hard –working nature, exhibits the attitude of “One Team, One Goal” and makes staff feel comfortable asking for her help at any time.  More than any other single criteria, Kristi goes the extra mile and exceeds the expectations of her job duties.  With her own money, Kristi supplies students and staff with little treats and tons of chocolate every single week.  Kristi makes her office supplies readily available to anyone who stops into the office, who may have forgot a highlighter, stapler, or pen.  Kristi understands the workload teachers are under and gives reminders in a kind and friendly way.  Kristi comes to work early and stays late.  At any time she is willing to help teacher; she came in and changed the laminating film for me in the middle of the summer!!!  In my opinion, Kristi Bellefeuille is an excellent example of a team player and is most deserving of the WOWE Above and Beyond Award.  Thank you, Mrs. Bellefeuille, for how hard you work to make our school a wonderful place of working and learning for the staff and our students.  You do so much for all of us, always with a cheerful smile, and we are so very lucky to have you in our office!!!”

November Recipients

Sarah Allen: Ogema Kindergarten Teacher
Nominated by Kristi Bement

Sarah can be found going the extra mile by spending endless hours in her classroom well into some evenings and many days during summer vacation.  She has also been very willing to give her time every day after school to teach Targeted Services for the past few years.  Sarah is always very positive and delivers a high energy attitude that is very catchy!  Sarah sends home positive notes with families and is very approachable to everyone!  Sarah has a true knack as a being a Kindergarten teacher.  I could not think of a better fit job for her!  She truly loves what she does.  She completed her Masters’ Degree last year which has provided her with new ideas to use in the classroom.  She is able to incorporate Bomber Pride to help with this.  She told her Kindergarten class last year that she was training to run a marathon the following year.  She wanted her students to know that she sticks to her goals and proves that goals are attainable.  Sarah is a great example!  She also has a role on our PBIS team and is very avid to make sure that Bomber Pride is being used to its’ fullest potential.

Paul Clark: Health/Phy-Ed Teacher and Football Coach

Nominated by Senior FB players and Dejah Anderson
Mr. Clark is always willing to come into work early or stay late if needed to help his students out.  Mr. Clark invests his time in helping kids Succeed and tells us “we can do it”.  He helps us over-come our adversity.  He is always encouraging us to do our best on and off the field.  He has always kept families and community members informed as he says positive things about his players and students.  Mr. Clark has us turn our grades on a weekly basis, so if we need help he gets us going in the right direction.  He enhances learning by making us practice, practice, practice.  And reminds us there is room for improvement.  He never doubt our ability to Succeed and reminds us that we learn from mistakes and believes that we can succeed.  Mr. Clark pushes us to “Strive for excellence”, in a positive way.  Mr. Clark believes in all his students and players.  He would get outside resources to help pay expenses during football season, so it wouldn’t cost the parents so much.  Mr. Clark treats all the kids equal.  He never underestimates any of his students.  He truly believes our school is “One Team, One Goal” – Mr. Clark is always there, positive attitude, and willing to help

By working in the mail offices I see on a daily basis how committed Paul Clark is to students, players and community members.  He develops such strong and positive relationships with our kids.  This just isn’t done during the Football season or during the school year.  Mr. Clark is here all summer working with the kids to improve them in all aspects of their lives.

Paul all so demands and requires a lot from his students.  If he sees one of them in the office for an issue they are having, I’ve seen him speak with that student, telling them if they want to be a Bomber on the Field, they have to be a Bomber in the classroom.  He shows the students what Bomber Pride really is.  That it isn’t wearing the uniform or school colors but how you conduct yourself as a human being.  Paul embodies what it means to be a Bomber, always making sure there is plenty of Bomber Pride clothing for the students, staff and community to order.

As far as Paul’s coaching duties, he goes above and beyond what a person would think a coach does.  He is always there to support and mentor his players, whether football or any junior high sport he is coaching.  He truly inspires others to do their best on and off the field.  It is great to have a coach that is truly committed to the players and their families.  After a football game Paul and other community members hosted a dinner for both teams.  Because of Paul, other schools remember what it’s like to play the Bombers.

October Recipients

Jeff Axton: Special Education Teacher-Waubun
Nominated by Sherry Turner: "Mr. Axton always goes the extra mile, he goes above and beyond the call of duty. He puts in so much time to help find ways for students to succeed. He cares about his students, about their well being as well as their academic success. He is always striving to find ways to help teach his students and train his paras, so that we all can be the best. He is an inspiration to fellow staff members. His care and concern for his students shows us all what working in the education field is all about, the kids."

Rich Zima: Bus Driver- Regular Route & Extracurricular Events
Nominated by Michelle Heisler
"Rich always goes the extra mile when serving the school district and it's students/parents for regular to/from transportation and extra curricular transportation for out athletes. Rich went above and beyond and purchased a trailer for use with extracurricular activities, football and band specifically and even had the Bomber logo added. Rich is always the first person to offer to drop kids off if they don't have rides in either Ogema or White Earth. He is always a great role model and shows great support for the staff and kids."

September 2015 Recipients

Charlene Gilliss: Assessment & Data Coach/Grant Coordinator.
" Charlene Gilliss goes the extra mile with everything she does. Will often find her working after hours and even weekends. She does amazing with our students, helping them with most anything. If it's a test they need to get set up with, advice, help with concessions, to helping them with community events, Charlene is always there. You will find her all over, she is the first person to ask if there is a question on ANYTHING. She is a very positive role model, always concerned for our students and staff."

Lindsey Halvorson: 3rd grade teacher & Girls Basketball Coach
"She always conducts herself in a very professional manner. She works hard to make things great for her students. She always has such a positive attitude. She's positive with her students and staff. She is always willing to help. She is active on the PBIS committee. She gets involved in extracurricular activities by coaching and by supporting her fellow coaches. She watches our students in their events and cheers them on. She participates in community events and always has a smile and a good word for others."

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