Health and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes



School District:  Waubun, Ogema, White Earth                 Buildings:  Waubun, Ogema 

Date:  April 27, 2017

Members Present:  Lisa Weber        Laurie Johnson           Eric Martinez               Gina Worms

                                 Dave Varriano    Mark Gulseth              Paul Clark                   Dan Guenther


Members Absent:  Lee Weigle         Scott Eischens            Casey Berntson          John Short                                      Shirley Kjolberg


Business:  (Discussion/Action)

1.    Moch Osha Reports from March 2017 (Discussion)


2.    Condition of MP Gym Floor and Ogema Gym Floor (Discussion)


Reports:  Reviewed Incident Accident Reports


Distributed:  Information about Electrical Safety in classrooms and school offices.


Follow Up:  Need to visit with teachers on an individual basis as far as appliances in class rooms and why they are not needed.


Date & Time of Next Meeting:  This is the last quarterly meeting of the year.



Minutes Prepared By:  Dan Guenther













Waubun, Ogema, White Earth Public School

1013 3rd Street

Waubun, MN 56589